Global blockchain payments platform for global
economic liberalism and economic justice
By leveraging the advantages of blockchain,
we help businesses to succeed through payment services
with various currencies and low fees.


Due to the spread of 5G Internet,
the world is accelerating global financial integration and economic unity.

However, more than 2 billion people around the world still do not have access to banking.
More than 70% of the world's land is financially barren without financial services.
Huge financial power is concentrated in mega-global financial companies and countries with key currencies.
GtraX solves global financial problems and secures high business profitability by
introducing a payment platform with transparency, low cost, and efficiency.

GTraX ERC20 Network

Securing members through low fees, expanding merchants through various payments,
Users of GtraX Pay are the greatest beneficiaries of our services and profits.

The ERC20 blockchain system introduced to G-trax builds a global
network in detail to eliminate financial blind spots and solve the
problems of the existing payment service.
Stable transaction through the implementation of high TPS (TPS: Transaction per second)

Preventing transaction information leakage through the immutability of blockchain

Increase user benefits with low blockchain fees

The benefits received by financial platform participants are again provided as a reward to individual users

GTraX Ecosystem Participants

ab3_icon1 Existing global
card company

Provides financial settlement
network services
and receives royalties.

ab3_icon2 Global local PG company (payment gateway:payment service provider)

Secures more merchants
by providing high
service fees to merchants.

ab3_icon3 Merchants using
payment service

Reach more consumers with
more diverse payment methods
and more diverse payment currencies.

ab3_icon4 Personal card user

Additional revenue generated
by innovation in financial networks
will benefit consumers.


GTraX Coin

Due to the global nature of the project, a large portion of funds are used for international legal
advisory services to ensure compliance with different financial regulations in different countries.
Our funding plan will be implemented simultaneously to ensure our users receive maximum benefits.

Coin Name






Total Supply


Token Sale 20%
PG company contract promotion 20%
Legal advisory 20%
International internet network
     and payment platform license
Ecosystem incentives 20%
Team 10%



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